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Here is some important information for your travel planning. If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.
Travel information
Group size

The optimal group size for our tours is 15 to 35 people and is limited to maximum 42/43, but not all host sites are capable to receive the maximum-sized group. Groups smaller than recommended above would have to face significantly higher tour prices.

Terms and visa

Most of our tour inquiries fall in the period from the middle of Mai to the beginning of July. So, as a rule, our tour calendar is usually full at these terms with inquiries from our established partners. If possible, we kindly ask you to choose another time period for your journey and send you inquiry well in advance.

To visit Russia, a visa is required for citizens of most countries (among them Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The tourist visa entitles for a stay in Russia of maximum 30 days.
We recommend to begin your visa application at least three months before the planned journey. Participants of our tours get the necessary documents for a visa application from us free of charge.
To apply for a visa, you must possess a travel passport (ID card does not suffice), valid at least 6 months after the end of the planned journey.

You can get detailed information on entry to Russia on the corresponding web site of Russian Embassy in your home country.

Russian Embassy in Switzerland
Russian Embassy in Germany
Russian Embassy in Austria

The currency of Russia is Russian ruble. It is not allowed and also not possible to pay for goods and services in other currencies. Visa and Master Card (no other payment systems: Attention, the Swiss Postcard does not work in Russia!) are accepted in many shops, restaurants and hotels of big Russian cities. Our guests spend most of their time in the countryside, so it's advisable to have some cash in ruble to meet any expenses. Since our tours mostly include full or half board package, from previous experience we recommend to have some 100-150 euros (in ruble) per week additionally to your disposal. Of course, these numbers are very individual. It is also advisable to have some euro or dollar (not Swiss francs) in smaller bills to exchange if required.

You can exchange foreign currency:
· at banks and their branches, which are sometimes located in hotels;
· more and more often our guests exchange the rubles before the trip in their home banks;
· in big cities ATMs accepting Visa and Master Card are usually easy to find. Amounts to withdraw and corresponding charges may vary significantly, depending on the bank (home and local), card type and availability of bank bills;
· directly on arrival in Russia, in the airport, but only in case there are no other opportunities available, because it can take much time and the exchange rate is less favorable as in other places.

Depending on travel route and schedule, we will recommend an optimal opportunity for exchanging currency and involve it in our travel plan.
Food and drinks

We ask you to inform us in advance, if special diet or vegetarian food is required for any of tour participants.
Tap water is not recommended for drinking. On our tours we either give our guests the opportunity to buy bottled drinking water or provide for it during the whole tour and in hotels.

While packing up your suitcase, do not forget:

  • required medicines. It would be impossible to get them on-site;
  • insect sprays and sun screen products, suitable clothes. We spend much time outdoor;
  • comfortable shoes, since we walk not only on paved roads;
  • bath clothes, if the tour is routed to the sea or you are going to use wellness facilities in hotels (if available);
  • suitable clothes for visiting orthodox churches and monasteries. To enter most orthodox sacral buildings, it is advisable to wear covering clothes. Bright colors, shorts, mini-skirts, deep necklines are not allowed. Women have to enter a church with covered head, men – bare-headed.
We are looking for your requests and suggestions!

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