Farm tours to Russia

Our area of expertise since 2003
with our farm tours, we aim at giving a representative overview of the fast changing Russian agricultural environment, providing an exchange of experience and presenting modern Russian life as it is.

Since 1992 «Smirenin» travel agency (register no. RTO 000291) organizes tours for foreigners to Russia. Since 2003 we specialize on farm tours.
Georg Smirenin
Tour organizer, CEO
We organize our tours for agriculturalists from farms and farmers' unions, farmers´ magazines, universities in a long-term cooperation with specialized travel agencies in Switzerland and Germany.

In our travel plans we include a wide range of farms with different ownership structure and specialization, from small family businesses up to giant agricultural holdings, and present the main
production areas of the respective region.

At the same time, we always focus on the special interests of the participants.
We maintain friendly relationships with many farmers and cooperate effectively with local authorities.

On farm visits our guests get the opportunity to talk directly with managers, farmers and representatives of authorities, discuss the applied methods and technologies
at first hand and develop professional contacts.

Hanspeter Rikli, a trained Swiss agronomist, who has been living in Russia and working in the Russian farming business for more than twenty years, serves the group as an expert in agriculture, travel guide and interpreter.
Beside the agricultural issues, the participants of our tours become acquainted with Russian history, architecture, kitchen and landscape. Russian folklore provides the group with additional good mood and energy.
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